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October 10, 2015

Debutante Ball and New Faces 2015




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About The Academy of Washington, Inc.

Mission Statement: The Academy of Washington is a social organization that fosters the art of Drag, Pantomime, Pageantry and other performance arts in the LGBT community.

Established in 1961, The Academy of Washington, Inc. (also known as "the Academy") is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the country. Its membership includes drag queens, drag kings, male and female impersonators in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who enjoy entertaining and supporting each other.

But the Academy is not just a social organization, it is a highly respected member of the community. The Academy and its members are active in many civic and volunteer organizations. The Washington Academy has members involved with The Imperial Court System, the Rainbow History Project, and PETS-DC. In addition to these organizations, Academy members are also associated with ASGRA, the Centaur Motorcycle Club, and other community organizations.

During the years, every person associated with the Academy has experienced the far-reaching social gratification of our group. Each person has had their moments of glory, their share of applause and social recognition. We honor each other for our contributions to theatre, make-up, design, and the gay community in general. We welcome individuality and foster self-expression in all forms. The Academy allows us to occasionally make-believe and continues to provide each of us with a touch of glamour and elegance that many would not otherwise experience.

Come to one of our events or come to one of our monthly meetings. Want to be kept up-to-date with Academy events? If so, subscribe to the Academy Mailing List. This one-way mailing list will be used to distribute  information out to Academy members and friends on Academy events and newsworthy activities. If you are a member or friend of the Academy on the Troupe List and aren't on the mailing list, please send an email to Veronica.

Academy Calendar and Contest Rules and regulations

Need a copy? Click on the links below to download the PDF version of those files. The Academy Troupe list is only available to members and is distributed several times a year when significant changes have been made.

Current Academy Protocol

Holding  the Academy's highest titles this year are our new 53rd Best Actor and Best Actress Daniel Vinton and Alexis Carrington Colby. Congratulations to both for achieving this high honor

Our Academy Protocol for our 53rd Year are (in order of presentation):
Diplomatic Corps  
Academy Honor Guard - American Flag Ali Katt
Academy Honor Guard - Gay Pride Flag  
Vice-President and Vice-Lady Michael Delaney and Chris Monroe
President and First Lady Ash Blake and Jillian Kane Jaymes
Crown Holders  
Most Promising Actor Chip Stephyns
Mr.  Gaye Academy Jack Kazan
King and Queen of Hearts Richard Stewart
Miss Gaye America (DC)  
Miss Gaye Universe (DC) Veronica Blake
Acting Division  
Mr. Gaye Zodiac (DC) Sam Harris
Emperor and Empress of the Silver Screen AJ Turner and Tula
His Excellency and The Grande Dame Perfecto and Tammy Grimes
53rd Gaye Best Actor and Gaye Best Actress Daniel Vinton and Alexis Carrington Colby

Academy Titleholders

In addition to our Academy Protocol, we also have titleholders from our many contests and events. Currrently they are:

Mr. Black and White (DC)

Chip Stephyns

Miss Gaye Turnabout (DC) Sharon Peters (Sam Harris)
Entertainer of Turnabout (DC) Belle Blake (Chip Stephyns)
Mr. and Miss Gaye USA (DC) Phoenix Rising and Charity Bhe
Cherries Cobbler and Cherries Jubilee Phoenix Rising and Ali Katt
Cherries Pitts Ricky Van Shelton
Mr. Derby and Miss Spring Bonnet Andy Williams and Fancy Cline-Leone

The 2016 Zodiac Finals

Congratulations to Mr. Cancer, Sam Harris for winning the title of Mr. Gaye Zodiac (DC) for 2015.  First runner-up was Miss Gemini, Charity Bhe and second runner-up was Mr. Taurus, Phoenix Rising.

The monthly signs are being taken quickly!

Pisces Chip Stephyns
Taurus Pat Garrett
Virgo Diamond Doolittle
Libra Phoenix Rising
Sagittarius Fancy Cline-Leone

Where is  La Cabaña?

The Academy stages its events at La Cabaña in NW DC.

La Cabaña is located at 3614 14th Street NW  Washington, DC 20010 and is just a few blocks north of the Columbia Heights Metro stop.



Tech Crew and Entertainer Guidelines

All song titles (even in song mixes) must be submitted to the show coordinator by the Thursday prior to the event (unless otherwise stated).

Music must be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled show start time (which is 3:00pm). So, all music must be turned in by 2:30pm. If you are running late call and speak to one of the Tech Crew Director(s) and provisions will be made.  If music is not turned in 30 minutes prior to or provisions are not made you will not be permitted to entertain! Do not just leave a message, you must actually speak to one of the Directors.

Any rehearsal required before a function must be scheduled with a Tech Crew Director. This is to avoid any confusion as to rehearsal times. Reservations are taken on a first-come basis and will need to be scheduled around setting the stage for a that day's show.

All music must be properly labeled with the performer’s stage name, the title of the song, and the track number since  you are using a CD.

CDs  not in a case or sleeve will not be accepted by the Tech Crew. This is for the protection of your music. CDs can be scratched easily and not be able to be read by the CD player. We suggest that you also have a backup copy of your music in case something happens with your first copy.

Cassette tapes of any type will not be accepted. CDs must be in an audio format and playable in any CD player. CDs containing MP3, AAC, or MP4 files will not be accepted.

Lighting cues and music directions must be discussed with the appropriate Tech Crew member before the show begins. Written directions are always preferred. Please do not interrupt Tech Crew members working sound or spotlight after the show starts, this is very distracting to the Tech Crew Member and not fair to the Tech Crew member or the entertainer currently performing.

Solo entertainment spots are limited to five (5) minutes, if you go over your allotted time your number may be terminated, at the discretion of the Tech Crew Director. Production numbers (consisting of three (3) or more performers), can have up to seven (7) minutes.

After the function, music will only be returned to the person whose name is on the CD or tape case. Please do not ask anyone else to pick up your music.


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